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Okay, so i’m pretty convinced that Allison is also a nogitsune. I’ll tell you why. 

1. Foreshadowing

  • The onis showed up at the Argent’s home as their first stop to check and see who’s possessed.
  • Allison is the only one who hasn’t been checked for being possessed by the nogitsune.
  • Chris was told that he will have to take out the nogitsune even if it is his own daughter.

2. Allison’s seemingly “missing” purpose and place in this season

  • We’re seeing Stiles struggle with the nogitsune
  • We’re seeing Scott trying to protect his friends and family
  • We’re seeing Derek rise to being a hero
  • We’re seeing Lydia learn how to be a banshee
  • What are we seeing Allison do?

Allison has been pretty irrelevant to the plot this season. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because I think she’ll actually end up being the main nogitsune, but it’s a clue. Allison seriously feels out of the loop. 

3. Allison and Stiles may actually be partners in crime, with Allison as the ringleader. 

  • Stiles is playing the roll as the noticeable "trickster". He’s the distraction.
  • We have no idea when he’s actually himself, or when he’s possessed.
  • Stiles has everybody thinking that he is the one they all need to watch out for. 

Personally, I don’t think Stiles is the main big bad at all. He was revealed to be evil too early in the season. Somebody else is running around plotting something bigger. 

Let’s say that Allison is actually the big bad. Well, Stiles literally has everybody paying attention to him. Everybody thinks that he is the big bad nogitsune. 

Scott, Kira, Derek, Isaac, Chris, Isaac and the twins are all under the impression that Stiles is the nogitsune. They’re constantly trying to stop him and they’re spending their time trying to figure out how to save Stiles. They’re being stalled.

Kira’s mother is also being tricked. She thinks that Stiles is the main nogitsune, and she has the onis focused on him. But because of this, Allison has been left without being checked for possession. The onis found one nogitsune, but did they even stop to think that maybe there’s two?

While Stiles is leading everybody on a wild goose chase, Allison has all the time in the world to do whatever it is that she’s really doing while under the influence of a nogitsune. 

4. Frequency emitters

I highly doubt that Stiles was able to break into the Argent’s household to steal those frequency emitters. I believe that Allison (since she has easy access to them), stole them and gave them to Stiles. 

I think that this whole frequency emitter game was just another little tactic planned out by Allison and Stiles so that more time could be bought for whatever big plan Allison has. 

5. Framed for murder

I also think that Allison was the one to frame Chris for murder. I don’t really think that Derek was originally part of the plan. He was just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

But why would Allison do that?

Well, because Chris is technically the only person who can really interfere with nogitsune!Allison’s work. With Chris out of the picture, Allison has the apartment to herself and she’s free to plot as openly as she wants. 

So, what do you guys think?

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Chameleon hatching

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